Recessed Downlight

In our daily lives, LED downlights give us light at night. Downlights are used in many buildings and projects. Downlights are divided into many categories and they can be classified according to different sizes, wattages, and application environments. Classification. According to the actual project and ceiling, the designer uses different LED downlights to decorate the space.

According to different Wattage, we make a classification

Downlight LED 10w

Downlight LED 18w

Downlight LED 24w

Downlight LED 30w

Downlight LED 40w

If have other wattage or more than 40W, please kindly contact us.

Sometimes we want to replace the led recessed downlight, the hole is existing, we want to find the same cutout to replace, it not only saves our cost, but also save our time.

35mm cut out downlight

55mm cut out downlight

75mm cut out downlights

95mm cut out downlights

If need other sizes of recessed downlights, please kindly contact us.