Waterproof Downlight

1. Where do we use waterproof downlights?

Generally, we install LED waterproof downlights in bathrooms, eaves, courtyards, and other places where the lamps are easily exposed to water and fog. Water and electricity are not compatible, which can easily cause safety hazards. When installing waterproof lights, we need to install waterproof downlights according to the electrical safety manual. Different places use different IP grade downlights, which are very friendly to our lives.

2. Which IP grade of waterproof lights is better? IP44 or IP65 downlight?

Many projects now require IP65 downlights for use in bathrooms. In the past, the waterproof level of the downlights we used in the bathroom only needed to reach IP44. Waterproof steam mist entered the waterproof downlights, causing them to burn out. Even now, many projects require IP44 waterproof downlights. People are becoming more and more aware of safety at any time. The stronger it is, now more people need IP65 downlights to be used in places with fog such as bathrooms.

3. We have different IP grade waterproof downlights for option.

IP44 Downlights

IP54 Downlights

IP65 Downlight