1. What is downlight?

How To Choose Downlight? An article tells you-Fromlux Manufacturer

Downlights can also be called ceiling lights, hole lights, or fixed embedded lights, it is a downward shaped tube of common lighting lamps, downlights are usually composed of light sources, mechanical components such as lamp cups, electrical components, etc. Light sources are incandescent lamps, energy-saving lamps, halogen lamps, LED and so on. In hotels, cafes, shops, clothing stores, and other commercial lighting scenes, while home lighting decorations also often appear as downlights. It does not occupy space, can increase the soft atmosphere of the space, can create a warm feeling, install a number of downlights, but also reduce the sense of space pressure.

Downlight classification:

1. According to the installation method: recessed downlight and surface-mounted downlight.

2. According to the lamp installation method: spiral lamp head and plug lamp head, vertical downlight, and horizontal downlight.

3. Divided by function: waterproof downlight, intelligent downlight, adjustable downlight.

2. What is Led Downlight?

LED, the full name light emitting diode, that is, light-emitting diode, is a semiconductor light-emitting device, LED downlight refers to the light source of the downlight is LED, the mainstream light source of the downlight is basically used LED. Since the LED is a low current and low current drive, it needs to be matched with the corresponding drive power supply.
LED light source downlight in addition to the advantages of general LED lamps, the power consumption is 1/3 of incandescent lamps, the life is 6 times that of incandescent lamps, and environmental protection and no mercury pollution, while compared with the spotlight, but also has a larger beam Angle, the light is more uniform characteristics, can be used for basic lighting without the main lamp, can also be used for small range lighting, or fill light.

How To Choose Downlight? An article tells you-Fromlux Manufacturer

3. How to choose a good downlight?

When lighting, it is necessary to consider the spacing of lamps, the illuminance and uniformity of the ground, and the match between the lamps and the ceiling. The beam Angle of the downlight is larger, and the irradiation area will be wider than that of the spotlight, which mainly provides uniform, soft and comfortable light for the environment.

The choice of downlight: can be viewed from the following aspects:

First, choose the style and appearance of the downlights:

Choosing downlights first depends on the appearance and style, and should choose the color appearance lamps that match the decoration style.

How To Choose Downlight? An article tells you-Fromlux Manufacturer

Second, the material of the downlight:

Generally recommended to choose die-cast aluminum, aluminum material, the heat dissipation effect will be better, and the downlight material affects the heat dissipation performance, LED working temperature is too high will accelerate the light decay, and even the lamp is easy to go out, the heat dissipation performance is mainly reflected in the design and production process of the lamp, try to choose a strict production standards of the brand.

Third, the lamp bead chip drive:

Is the most important part of the downlight, the quality of the chip light source is directly related to the life of the lamp, color index, light health and the quality of the drive determine the stability of the current, so the choice of good lamp beads and drive is very important, the best choice of cutting-edge chip technology brands, such as: Osram, Philips, CREE, Eaglerise, Bridgelux.

Fourth, price:

The price is also a key factor in determining the choice of lamps, lamps, and lanterns no matter how good the price is not suitable can only be prohibitive.

At the same time, we also have to consider the anti-glare, anti-blue light, color temperature, power, vertical adjustable Angle, installation method, whether there is no video flash, and other aspects of the lamp, in order to choose a more ideal downlight product.

4. Practical advice

Installation distance

The downlight installation should be more than 30 to 50cm away from the wall to avoid the formation of more obtrusive light spots and cause glare. In addition, the heat generated by the prolonged irradiation will also make the walls yellow, affecting the appearance. If you are close to the wall, try to choose a downlight with a narrow beam Angle. The light spot between the downlights should be a natural transition, and the spacing between the downlights is about 1 to 2 meters.

How To Choose Downlight? An article tells you-Fromlux Manufacturer

The glare

Glare refers to the strong contrast of light caused by human eye discomfort, to try to do without glare. The glare is mainly related to the optical design of the lamp, the installation Angle, and the visual Angle of the person. If used as basic lighting, try to choose deep anti-glare downlights.
Is an important factor to reflect the comfort of lighting, glare protection Angle schematic Angle.

S=Minimum value range: 10-30°effect is better.

How To Choose Downlight? An article tells you-Fromlux Manufacturer

Color rendering index

The color rendering index is CRI The reduction ability of the light source to the color of the object itself, the higher the reduction, the color rendering index of the LED downlight should be ≥Ra80.

For different sites, the International Commission on Lighting (CIE) divides the color rendering index into five categories:

Color rendering levelRacolor renderingScope of application/Degree of fidelity requiredExamples of application sites
1A90-100optimalPlaces that require precise color contrastArt gallery, Museum
1B80-89goodA place that requires correct color judgmentBeauty salons, clothing stores, homes, bathroom, restaurants, subways, hotels,
260-79NormalPlaces that require moderate color renderingstation
340-59rangePlaces with low requirements for color renderingfactories
420-39poorA place without specific requirements for color renderingwarehouses, utility room

5. How to install the downlight?

The installation of downlights is very simple and convenient, only need a few simple steps most of the downlight installation method are the same, the following is the installation steps of embedded downlights:

How To Choose Downlight? An article tells you-Fromlux Manufacturer
  1. The first step is to reserve the dimensions of the lamp for opening holes.
  2. The second step is to connect the power supply to the drive.
  3. The third step, adjust the position of the downlight clip.
  4. The fourth step is the completion of embedding and fixing.

The installation Surface-mounted downlight is as follows:

How To Choose Downlight? An article tells you-Fromlux Manufacturer
  1. The first step is to mark the installation location on the ceiling.
  2. The second step is to drill holes with an electric drill.
  3. Third, use screws and expansion screws to secure the base.
  4. Step 4, connect the power supply to the downlight power cord.
  5. The fifth step, align the base with the downlight, and rotate the downlight to fix the light body.
  6. Step 6: Installation is complete.